Introducing Diego

Diego Pic


Made in Arequipa (Peru), crafted in California, and proud world citizen. Life taught me that the key to happiness is to find the beauty in small everyday details and value every moment, no matter how trivial they may seem.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business economics, with minors in humanities and marketing. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I decided to do my senior year in Canada. During my time in Calgary, I worked in several marketing projects which included the marketing strategies for the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts and the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Additionally, my professional experience includes working as a Liaison officer for the Canadian Delegation in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, micro-finances, and English-Spanish translation and interpretation for clinics, NGOs, and mines.

I chose GLOCAL because I wanted to be surrounded with people from all corners of the world. I wished to hear their ideas, understand to their opinions, have long conversations over world issues, share their culture, and most of all embrace their friendship and uniqueness. It is in such moments that we get to grasp the essence of human kind itself; in all those little invisible things which we all unconsciously share.

Hobbies include outdoor activities, reading, plastic arts, theatre and playing clarinet. Additionally, I am somewhat technology geek, bit of a gamer, dog lover, and have secret (now not so secret) addiction for cheese.