Introducing Yu Po

10 Things About Me_ Yu Po, Hua


  1. Born in Taichung, Taiwan. Lived in Hualien, Kinmen Island (Quemoy) and Taipei in Taiwan and Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Graduated from Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University. Major in International Relations, Mainland China affairs and Cross-strait relations.
  3. Interest in NGOs, Social Enterprise, Circular Economy, Effective Altruism and Social Progress.
  4. Volunteered for nearly 12 years with NGOs in environmental protection, culture exchange, community service and disabled students in Taiwan. Also, volunteer and camp leading in international work camps throughout the Czech Republic.
  5. My future plan is to work in the section of social enterprise, consultancy and own start-up.
  6. A wayward soul, practising and searching about the meaning of life, the world and existing.
  7. Travels with a camera, a pen, an open heart and a small but keep growing “baby courage”. Collecting stories of people and places on the journey like an archaeologist.
  8. Specialized in Chinese flute, tea ceremony and martial art.
  9. GLOCAL for me is a new journey, visiting and studying in different places; meeting amazing people all over the world and travel deep and local.
  10. I believed that connectivity is a revolutionary power and together we can make a change.