Introducing Riccardo

Hello! I’m Riccardo, I am 23 years old and originally from Sardinia, Italy. I studied Economics and Business & Management at the University of Glasgow with one year spent at The University of Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, I experienced globalisation and its consequences on individuals and on the environment. In particular, the extreme inequality between the nine-to-five finance workers and the fishermen living in underdeveloped villages is what struck me the most. Furthermore, coming from a developed country where relatively high standards of living are commonplace, my perspective on reality was changed even more radically when witnessing severe poverty while travelling in rural areas of China, Myanmar and Cambodia. I developed an interest in economic/social/humanitarian development issues and possible sustainable solutions.

Why GLOCAL? It gives me the possibility to approach the topic of how businesses can contribute to sustainable development and to further investigate the impacts of globalisation from a well-rounded multidisciplinary perspective. I firmly believe that travelling is the best form of education and that food is the best way to get to understand a culture. What better way to learn than studying and eating in three different countries?! In addition, through my past experiences of moving between countries, I have learned the importance of multicultural environments and of diversity and their contributions to the achievement of a constructive dialogue. As evident from the several about me, the GLOCAL cohort is as diverse as it could be! Could not have asked for a more exciting and diverse cohort to share this unique experience with.