Introducing Isa

I grew up in Medellin with the sun, coffee, and music: the Eternal Spring City and home of Paisas who are well known in Colombia for being kind, welcoming and passionate.

Before talking about work and study, I will tell you 3 truths about me:

  • I love cats. The way they walk, the way they love: without invading, without depending, without being possessive.
  • I love to dance. Sounds unite and multiply, resonate and grow stronger, and set me free. I dance carefree, I dance non-stop as if the world depended on every movement. I follow the rhythm of life, the rhythm of the heart, the rhythm of my hips.
  • I’m addicted to me. Not in a narcissistic way: I am addicted to knowing the being inside me – who am I?. This is the reason why I lived in The Himalayas (India) and became a Yoga Siromani (Teacher).

I’m a brand builder. I create stories that capture hearts, influence behaviour, trigger action and differentiate. I design strategies that grow market share and deliver results. I have worked as a business strategist for multinationals in both consumers and business markets. Over the past 10 years, I have led 15 brands, including 7 market leaders, such as Head & Shoulders, Febreze, Gillette, Ariel and Tork. I have directed more than 50 launches in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

I chose GLOCAL because I believe that through entrepreneurship and conscious marketing we can change the world. I hope as a cohort we will introduce complementary ideas and gain a better understanding of our local singularities. This will enable us to envision a new global future and to design a better world.