Introducing: Yana

My name is Yana and I am an ethnic Korean born and raised in Kazakhstan. At the age of 17, I moved to South Korea to learn language, culture and traditions of my native land. And that is exactly where I finished the university and got a bachelor`s degree in business administration. Before coming to Glasgow, I worked for a while as a manager in plastic surgery industry, volunteered in numerous summer camps for children and worked as a Russian-Korean-English interpreter in a hospital. My biggest hobbies are travelling and meeting new people. I am an extremely open person who is always ready for challenging adventures and is never afraid of new experience. For this reason, I prefer self-catering as a perfect option to leave the comfort zone and deeply explore new countries with their unique cultures, values and mindset.  Also, I am a big fan of detective literature and crime fiction, who can read Stephen King and Peter James, and watch David Fincher`s thrillers for the whole days. The main reason that led me to apply for GLOCAL was to truly find myself because there are so many things I am interested in, starting from opening a wedding agency and ending by working in UNDP. As my personality, the range of my professional interests is very broad and extreme, so I sincerely hope that by taking courses from amazing professors in ones of the best European universities and by meeting inspiring and passionate people from all over the world will help me to define my future career and become a better person.