Introducing: Wing


I am a light traveler with a heavy heart, who wears many hats. I prefer to travel for a purpose, usually in pursuit of knowledge and experiences, expanding and uncovering horizons.

Places of residence are one of the best ways I’ve come to identify myself. My roots are from Hong Kong, my childhood was set in Pinole (California), my consciousness was challenged in Tel Aviv and Ramallah, and my civic identity was cultivated in Philadelphia.

The year before undergrad, I studied Grand Strategies at Yale, which first introduced me to globalization. I continued some of these topics through an interdisciplinary lens in the humanities, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Visual Studies and a minor in Cinema Studies. My thesis and accompanying photography exhibition explored the role of art in creating ‘space’ for politically contentious places.

I have an eclectic range of work experiences, but a theme I carry into all of them is my deep interest in the many facets of the human condition, as it pertains to empowerment, creativity, productivity, and collaboration beyond differences.

GLOCAL is an apt blend of my academic journey so far, teaching me as much through its contents as the diversity of perspectives which make up the GLOCAL cohort and its consortium.

I look forward to putting theory to practice, and the challenge of doing so in new environments. I also look forward to revisiting my identity and perspective after two years of living in three different European cities.