Introducing: Syed

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. A true karachiite who love tea, coffee and everything which has caffeine in it. I like to eat, cook and especially make my fellow GLOCAL’s eat spicy Pakistani food :D. I love good cinema and music but I rarely watch new movies as I end up watching old movies I have watched already! and I have the same music playlist I had 5 years ago.

This is my first time traveling outside Pakistan, I thought I would be anxious and unsure of what to expect but so far, it’s been wonderful and I am pleasantly surprised in every way possible!!!!

Now the boring part. I did my bachelor’s in Business Administration and certification in entrepreneurship and innovation from Karachi, besides that I have worked in quite a few places; I.T and Petroleum industry but what really made me realize my true calling was working for the United Nations Development Programme for the vulnerable youth of Karachi.

GLOCAL is whatever I hoped it to be, there is a lot to learn from the classes and especially from the people I have the chance of studying with as it has broadened my horizon on what is actually happening all over the world.