Introducing: Shipo

Hello everyone! I’m Shipo from Taipei, Taiwan. I studied English literature in college and double-majored in Turkish. I was an exchange student in North Dakota, USA. I also learned French for quite a while. After college and military service, I went to Burkina Faso, West Africa, and worked for five years. It was a government-led vocational training project to build schools in small towns and teach local children some practical skills that can help them make a living, such as simple mechanics. This project did change many young people’s lives, but the impact was not great enough. Since Africa still has many complex problems today, I’ve come to GLOCAL to search for answers to African development. Local creativity might just be a good solution because I know that African arts and cultures will one day shine on the stage of the world. I write articles about my African experience on magazine’s columns and give talks on African topics. I believe that young generation has the power to change the world, and have strengthened this idea after meeting all the talented people in GLOCAL. Beside studies, I like photography and movies. I’m also good at badminton and triathlon.