Introducing: Shaina

Namaste! My name is Shaina and I hail from Hyderabad, which is in the southern region of India. I’ve just finished my Bachelors in Business Administration. I’d been working in the field of music and acting back home and have been a part of the theatre community for 10 years now and have leant Indian Classical Music for roughly 14 years. The GLOCAL programme for me is a door to a new world- one with opportunities, new beginnings, blessings and lessons. The best part about the programme is that it gives us all a chance to go to three different places, each having its own uniqueness and charm. Currently braving the cold in Glasgow and now looking forward to the warmth and sunshine in Barcelona. I want to be a global citizen with a plethora of knowledge and skills on not just what we’ve learnt in class, but also on what my life here in Europe has taught me about life in general and develop friendships that last a lifetime. My hobbies have been plenty throughout my growing up years- from learning sailing and horse riding to playing football and the tabla. I look forward to sharing my culture and the Lay’s Magic Masala with my mates in this journey. 😛