Introducing: Peilin

Taichung city, Taiwan.

Personal interests?

  1. Being a solo traveler. Though I enjoy having fun on a journey with friends, travelling alone is an essential part of my life.
  2. Reading with a real fine coffee—must be a real fine one
  3. Getting close to nature—particularly ocean
  4. Exploring the corner of cities—including my hometown city


In my previous life, I was lucky to meet so many amazing people who triggered my desire to venture forth into the unknown, which contributed to my decision of returning to student life from workplace. Somehow the combination of the concept ‘global’ and ‘local’ fascinates me a lot. I’m curious about how they shape each other and define this changing world. What are people’s roles in it? What’s mine? Will my role change as the world is in a state of flux? I think these questions led me here.