Introducing: Myroslava


Kyiv, Ukraine

Hey-hey! My name is Myroslava (Slava) and I am from Ukraine. In love with food, people and books since 1997. Travelling is my second name. GLOCAL is a perfect continuation of my previous International Relations studies with a slightly bigger emphasis on Economics. I am happy to share this 2 year trip with people of more than 20 other nationalities, but with a shared view of making the world a better place, either globally or locally. Back in Ukraine I was an executive director of Ukrainian NGO called CACTUS, aimed at promoting community participation and responsibility among teenagers via informal educational workshops and forums. Hope to learn more about cooperation between businesses, local governments and NGOs and how it can fix burning community problems.  For me, GLOCAL is not only an amazing opportunity to explore 3 different educational systems and countries, but also questioning the way economics, politics and society function now.

Slainte from Scotland!