Introducing: Jing

Born and raised in Taipei. I spent my past few years studied Economics and worked in a film photography gallery. The historical process in darkroom is fascinating. In the meanwhile, I spent my time in an art & cultural non-profit organization as curator. A community centered around the spoken word, music, visual arts, theater. For the rest of the time, I might be in the jungle, ocean, on a longboard, in a festival, or on top of a jeep deep in the mountain jamming with some instruments that we created.

It’s about connection after all, you can create a paradise having people that feel the same love and caring towards each other, no matter what culture they come from, no matter their background or ideology, anyone can get inside the circle as long their mindset is open enough to do so.

I believe we spend our days looking toward the stars for answers- we will find that the answers have been within us the whole time.

We are all connected.

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