Introducing: Jeen

Born in Malaysia, spiritually Finnish. I am fascinated with socio-economic inequality& inequity, cults, languages and self-learning, in no particular order.

GLOCAL is a beautiful network of contradictions, where it is routine to have your beliefs, your views and your subconsciously-formed biases mercilessly challenged on a daily basis. It is what I envision the world to be like someday- where all our differences make us stronger, and it is a safe space to express your thoughts without having to fear for the repercussions. I believe that there is something to learn from everyone and intend to absorb as much wisdom from my mates as possible in these 2 years and hopefully in the process also impart some of my own.

Prior to this, I spent 5 years in Seoul, South Korea studying for a degree in Economics. Notable achievements include:

1) Can now watch Korean dramas without the aid of subtitles

2) Called one of the biggest tech companies in the world a failure at their job interview in Malaysia, got the job offer anyway and turned it down to be part of the GLOCAL programme

3) Represented my country at an agriculture summit in Belgium without knowing it was one.