About Me

Introducing: James

DOB: 25/04/1993

Born in London, raised in Nottingham, Erasmus in Finland, undergrad in York, my eyes have always been set on what lies beyond the horizon. Traveling, immigration and globalisation has fascinated me, and is a central part of my family history and identity.

My mother’s father, originally from a Glaswegian shipbuilding family, taught himself advanced mathematics in order to gain entry into the University of Glasgow. There he met my grandmother and together they immigrated to Canada in pursuit of work. Twenty years later my mother would fly to England to study, meet my father – who’s own father had immigrated to the UK as a child – at university and the rest is history. Fast forward another forty odd years and I’m back where it all started.

It’s funny how some things come back full circle.


Having spent the last three to four years teaching English in Spain, I decided that this was not for me. As exciting as the present perfect is, what fascinated me more was my work in large multinational companies, where English is a key to a wider, interconnected world. In the sleepy city of Pamplona, I taught engineers at a renewable energy firm who remotely monitored windfarms on the other side of the world. In Valencia, I taught tech-geeks, entrepreneurs and artists with far-flung ambitions.

I saw that, and wanted a slice of that global pie.

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