Introducing: Huma

22/ Islamabad, Pakistan

Hiker/ Writer/ Ice cream Lover/ Soul of a Wanderer

Background: Bachelor of Business Administration

Youth Development Officer at WWF-Pakistan

5 years ago, I was an art aspirant who ended up in a business school. Having graduated from a business school, I ended up working with a development sector organization. After an experience with NGO, I’m taking economy and capitalism classes these days (Yup, GLOCAL). I’m not sure if there’s a pattern there but I’m very excited to experience what’s next; where is GLOCAL going to take me. I’m at GLOCAL because I choose to learn things that I have minimum knowledge of (or maybe learning can never be enough?) and I’m very thrilled to invest in the person I’d become after all the academic learning and global-local experiences.


GLOCAL – 3 different countries, a lot of moving in, moving out, adventure, different foods, international friends, cultural exchange and one programme that is going to help us redefine future.”