Introducing: Amanda

Hi, everyone! I’m Amanda Zanchetta de Aquino, from Brazil.

My background in International Relations led me to a series of experiences both in the private and public sector related mostly to projects for economic development. My working experiences made me even more passionate about training people and more curious about education for entrepreneurship – not only the kind of entrepreneurship that leads to starting a business, but also to the entrepreneurial initiatives that change and improve society.

This is why I chose GLOCAL – to learn more about how local and global coexist and mutually influence each other, and what opportunities there might be for cooperation and development is different areas. I’m especially interested in multinational companies’ interaction with local businesses, Public-Private Partnerships and intrapreneurship.

I’m really glad of being part of this multicultural group of students with different backgrounds. This makes discussions more complex and interesting, considering the diverse viewpoints. To me, taking this masters’ also means breaking the grounds and going beyond all the financial and educational limitations I’ve always been surrounded with.

I believe everyone in GLOCAL understands we have our role as individuals in responding to local/ global challenges, and I’m so glad to all I’ve been learning from them. I have also met some of the kindest, most engaged people in my life, and that makes me even more proud of this group!