About Me

Introducing: Adua

Ciao!! I’m Adua, from the boot-shaped peninsula in southern Europe. Born and raised in a small town, Pordenone, I first escaped Italy at the age of 17 to take part in a one-year high school study program in Canada. At the time I thought this was just the beginning of a life spent living, studying and working abroad. My love and affection for my home country grew with the time. After a Political Science degree at University of Padua, an Erasmus at Paris-Sud University, a year of waitressing in London and many other good enough excuses to wander around Europe I landed here, in Glasgow. The very reason why I chose GLOCAL is because I realised I’d like to go back to Italy and work there to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises, investing in quality and sustainability. At the same time I like the idea of remaining in contact with an international dimension that keeps challenging and inspiring me. Plus, let’s be honest, how cool is it to be able to live in three different countries during your master program? So many new dishes you get to try…

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