Global Varieties of Capitalism Presentations

Program for the full day of presentations –

“From Communism to Capitalism: Putinomics and Nazarbnomics”
By Hans, Aida, Lin and Katya
“Islam and the State in Middle Eastern Oil Exporting Economies: a Comparison of Iran and Saudi Arabia”
By Daniel, Annie and Paras
“Dirty Dealing: Money Laundering and China’s Capitalism”
By Meng-Chie, Agata, Ching Heng and Shima
“One Model, Two Destinies: HME between Brazil and Argentina South America”
By Salma, Sivhuang, Nathalia and Liadan
“From Colonial Cash Cows to Financial Independence: The Rise of Pan-African Banks”
By Onnera , Pierce, Elian and Diego
“What Kind of Capitalism Emerged in the Former Yugoslav States? A Comparative Analysis of Serbia and Slovenia”
By Lia, Milan, Patricija and Louise
“Indian Farmers Commit Suicide: Assessing the Impact of Economic Liberalization and Economic Reforms on the Most Marginalized Group in India”
By Shreya, Christina, Kondwani and Wan-Yi
“Flor de Cana Rum: A Cocktail of Capitalism”
By Robin, Laura, Yasha and Molly



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