Introducing: Prof. Jeffrey Fear

Hello, this is Jeffrey Fear and I’m the Programme Coordinator of GLOCAL.  We have two main objectives with the programme. The first intellectual aim is to understand how the ‘local’ remains competitive and sustainable over time by adapting to globalizing processes and reshaping them in creative, proactive ways. The glocal perspective shifts attention to the creative agency of local actors to maintain the attractiveness of areas in global markets over long periods of historical time. The second aim is to offer students a wide-ranging multi-disciplinary experience that blends three subject areas: economic and social history, business, and economics at four major universities in four innovative cities (Glasgow, Barcelona, Rotterdam, and Göttingen). We felt that students who did not want a standard business or economics degree were underserved and would thrive in an educational environment that stresses a more holistic approach.

I received my degrees from the University of Michigan and my doctorate from Stanford University. I have worked at the University of Pennsylvania, the Harvard Business School, and the University of Redlands outside Los Angeles prior to coming to Glasgow and have worked in both history departments and business schools.  After too much unfortunate time at the computer, I love to go hiking, biking, and playing basketball.

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