Introducing: Dr. Jan Logemann

“Home” to me are both the plains of Northern Germany and the hills of West Virginia. I have spent much of my professional life shuttling between Bremen and Berlin where I went to school and studied history and politics and the United States where I went to graduate school and held my first academic positions. Transatlantic differences fascinate me and they are a constant topic of conversation with my kids who are also growing up on both sides of “the pond.” GLOCAL has provided me with an opportunity to take my passion for comparative analysis of societies and economies to a new, more global level. The program has grown out of an interest in internationalizing the teaching at our various institutions and to cross traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries in academia. The program promises to challenge the faculty as much as the students to broaden our horizons and to look at the world through different eyes. The teaching mobility has been a big part of that experience. Teaching at Glasgow allowed me to explore a bit of Scotland from the highlands to the coast which I tremendously enjoyed. My favorite part, however, was meeting all of you, the engaged and fascinating group of students that is the first cohort of GLOCAL.

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