Introducing: Prof. Dr. Ben Wubs

My name is Ben Wubs. I am a Professor of International Business History at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a Project Professor at the Graduate School of Economics in Kyoto in Japan. I was born in Limburg, a province in the South of the Netherlands, but I moved to Utrecht to study history and became an economics and history teacher after graduation in a small city. In the weekends I played the guitar in a funny theater band and had many gigs all over the Netherlands for more than 10 years. By the time my first daughter was born, I had started a Ph.D. research into Unilever and World War II at the Dutch War Institute (NIOD) and the Erasmus University. Before I finished my Ph.D. my second daughter was born. Then I became a Postdoc at Utrecht University, but was asked to return to Erasmus University and started several research projects related to multinationals, economic regions, international relations, and more recently the transnational fashion industry. GLOCAL is close to my heart as it represents a genuine multidisciplinary and international master’s programme, which brings together students and staff from all over the global village. Despite my academic career and research trips I still play the guitar in my own band (TINA).

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