Introducing: Sivhuang

Sivhuang LayCambodian – 24

From a person who trembled at the thought of leaving home to the one who is now always excited to be in different places, years of mobilizing between countries for both study and work has taught me how valuable multicultural environments are to discover new horizons. My name is Sivhuang, a Cambodian national who wants to be an “entrepreneurial economist”, an economist who takes into account human creativity and entrepreneurship as inputs and determinants of long term economic growth.

Several sentences to summarize “me”: I hold three Bachelor’s degrees and one MBA by far. Used to work in investment bank in Cambodia and was a project manager of a foreign invested technology company in China. I have been to 19 countries and have no doubt that the list will go on. Via photography, I call myself a memory collector – being able to capture a nice view or a great smile face can always brighten my day.

One out of my many reasons to participate in GLOCAL is its perfect match to my future career. My MBA has given me in-depth insights into resources and conditions that enable firms/entrepreneurs to embrace creativity and innovation; and the GLOCAL program  will enable me to integrate these entrepreneurial perceptions into economic policy innovation that would create an “ideal” institutional environment for my country’s economic growth. With rapid advancement in technology and as a result, new business model reformation, my main objective is to create economic policies that synchronize with these industrial changes and at the same time obtain maximum welfare for all the stakes involved. This is as well my dissertation direction which will be focusing on the formulation and modification of current Cambodia’s economic policies to boost and support innovation and creativity of local enterprises in its growing participation in global market.

Expectation on academic and knowledge gains surely are indispensable, but what makes GLOCAL unique and undeniably sexy is its combination of people from various corners of the world sitting in one room, discussing today’s issues, from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Sometimes you feel like you are traveling around the world just by talking to your classmates. Diversity, openness, and love is my definition of GLOCAL. We unite with differences.

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