Introducing: Katya


25, from Moscow, Russia

What’s your background?

 Graphic designer, good at making presentations (as a designer, not as presenter). Member of a startup that helps developing of small and medium sized brands in Russia. Love my project. 

What is GLOCAL?

Absolutely amazing life-changing experience!


I chose GLOCAL because I was fascinated by the range of subjects offered by the programme. It seemed to suit me perfectly. I really wanted to challenge myself with doing my Masters abroad.

 What are your expectations with this program?

 1.     Learn 3 more languages

2.     Read so much that it changes my personality and my views☺

3.     Become close friends with amazing people from all over the world who happened to live through this wonderful experience with me

What after? 

Continue being happy and changing the world.

 What are your personal interests? 

Hiking (I try)

Sailing (I try)

Doing sports every other day (I do, most of the times)

Fighting sugar addiction (Every single day)

Meditating (Every single day)

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