Introducing: Daniel

Dani, 26, 75% Brazilian, 25% Italian

Born and raised in the weirdest city in this world, Brasília! I studied Business Administration, but in the last years I’m very into  Anthropology and other social issues. Apart from Brasília I’ve also lived in Australia and Spain. In the last 3 years I managed a small tour operator specialised in exotic destinations. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Glocal for me is a program that provides to its students a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, in which the complex bridge between the global forces and the local aspects.

I decided to apply to it because I want to contribute to the changes the world is urging for. I reckon that we are facing a huge crisis as a global society, but at the same time that this is scary it is a great opportunity for substantial changes in our roll as human beings in this planet… so I am very optimistic =) Definitely this master degree is one of the many ways to prepare myself for future challenges.

My expectations are, more than the academic experience, to make good connections and expand my conscience through the learning process with my beloved fellows.

After this experience I expect to work for some organisation that applies the value of ethic economics, environmental friendly and contributes for a less unequal society.

Personal interests: love to be in contact with the nature and bike around. In the last times I’ve learned to surf and I’m looking forward to do it again as soon as I have the opportunity. I gave up meat 3 years ago and very excited about cooking new recipes.

Motivation quote: “Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro”, which means “Liberty is not well sold for all the gold”

Documentary that changed my life: “La voz del viento, semillas de transición.”