Introducing: Aida


Hi everyone. My full name is Aida Constanza Gomez Valderrama. I’m from Bogota, Colombia, and I’m 24 years old.

My bachelor is in business administration and my focus has been in entrepreneurship, CSR, and sustainability. I have worked organizing archives in my family’s enterprise, with the establishment of a business, and in a bank.

GLOCAL is a mix between economics, business and sustainability.

I really love everything relating with sustainability so I knew I wanted to study this in my master degree. When I came across GLOCAL I thought it would be perfect because, in the way that I see it, I can learn about sustainability but in a more integral way than other programs. As it is a mix, we will also have a lot of knowledge related such as policy and governance, family business, etc. Two main things I like from this program: 1. The fact that is international. 2. Basically you build the program; you get to choose your own focus.

What after? I think end up in a job within government or with a NGO. I would like to work abroad for a year before going back to Colombia and in approximately 2 or 3 years later (if I cannot do it before) I hope to be a volunteer with the UN. I particularly want to work in developing projects of towns in Colombia or elsewhere.

Well… I want to tell you that I am more of an introvert, I don’t usually talk much but I really enjoy listening and sharing with people. I LOVE food, music, theatre, and traveling.

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