Introducing: Agata

Originally born in Lecce, Italy, whenever I am asked where I am from, things get different. The right question should be, as Taiye Salasi suggests in this video, “don’t ask where I am from, ask where I am a local”!

My name is Agata and, hitherto, I am a local in Venice, Berlin, Glasgow, Barcelona, and Göttingen. I am a European and global citizen at the same time: travels in Egypt and Madagascar pushed me to apply for GLOCAL two years ago.

Graduated with a first class bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Social Sciences; passionate about art, anthropology, and languages; curious about international markets, geopolitics, poverty, and inequality: GLOCAL was the best program I could ever apply to.

GLOCAL offered me the opportunity to grow up and better myself not only in terms of quantity, quality and multidisciplinary of knowledge, but it also enriched me as a human being. It sponsored the enlargement of my horizon and gave me the tools to rethink about my position in the world.

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