Introducing: Laura

\ Noun\ Colombian\ Barranquillera

  1. A 27-year-old woman born in a mystical land where the summer, fall, winter and spring coexist in complete harmony: Colombia.
  2. Formed in the middle of particular conditions that maybe would make you think that I’m insane (and maybe I am). Although my country is worldwide known by drugs or war, the reality is the opposite, we’re a country full of people with the passion printed in our DNA, people that don’t give up easily and that can make you feel warm and welcome in every situation.
  3. Political Scientist with a little bit of experience dealing with the government, the private sector and other organisations, and with the ability to turn complicated situations into simple solutions. I never thought of writing but I ended up with an opinion column and creating speeches.
  4. Current GLOCAL student (or trying to be one)
    1. GLOCAL (diminutive for Global Markets, Local Creativities), a master program.
    2. An experiment created four years ago by people who want to innovate and challenge their students to think outside the box, to be global citizens with a local perspective, human beings -not human doing- able to make a change.
  5. Ambitious. I am determined to use my knowledge and what I know for a greater good, to transform and improve things. I am convinced that I can make a difference. I want to bring the woman into the discussion, and break the narrative of it, in all the layers of the society: from business to arts, to politics. #WhoRunTheWorld?
  6. Too noisy, a little too bubbly, a little too much but with a great desire to make something different, to become an active citizen and start to act instead of complaining.

And the reason behind all of this: since I was a little girl I dreamed with the possibility to change the everyday life of a community, to make a difference, and maybe…rule my country someday.

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  1. Dear Laura ,

    I am a business graduate( Major Finance) from Bangladesh and currently looking forward to applying for GLOCAL for the 2022 session. I am highly enthusiastic about this programme and willing to know what qualifications I need to include in my CV and SOP which will make a competent applicant for this programme. I would be earnestly thankful to you for your valuable guidance.
    Thanks for your time and help!

    Syma Islam
    University Of Chittagong


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