Introducing: Pierce

Name: Pierce Kehoe
DOB: 14/05/1993
From: Dublin, Ireland

I did my undergraduate in European Studies in Trinity College Dublin, with one year spent on Erasmus in Sevilla in Spain. It was a really broad course, where I did two languages (Spanish and Russian) as well as topics in history and philosophy. After college I did a marketing/events internship with Red Bull where I had the pleasure of working on some of the coolest and wackiest sports, music and entertainment events I’ve ever seen. I then did an administration job which was not my cup of tea (and I love tea) and then came to GLOCAL.

With my background I have a rather Eurocentric worldview and GLOCAL is an opportunity to gain a wider perspective. I am really interested in the challenge of keeping local cultures alive while embracing the vibrancy of diversity that comes with globalisation.
(Also the opportunity to study and travel was a plus.)

I find it hard to write this without sounding like a listening comprehension exam but:
I like music, sports, art, languages, films, pub quizzes…
I have a dog and two cats.
I have three siblings, a brother and two sisters, and I am the youngest.
I just realised I put my pets before my brothers and sisters and I hope that doesn’t reflect badly on my character.