Introducing: Paras

Made and Raised in Pakistan but a proud global citizen: Hello, this is Paras Pitafi.

I am a business graduate with majors in ‘Entrepreneurship’ from Institute of Business Administration Karachi. Last year, I was searching for a programme which would be an amalgamate of economics, sustainable business development, globalization, entrepreneurship, innovation, emerging sectors, and strategic management (Now that’s one long list!). I aimed for a multi-disciplinary postgraduate programme and I was not sure how I would go about it. But I am sure there is some ‘Power’ up there who brought this idea to a group of some outstanding people (now my instructors!), sitting in three different cities; three different countries, to design a programme which would exactly fulfil my academic and professional prospects and needs. Wow! My faith has been restored!

I feel honored to be a prototype for this programme that we call Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL). Being a bunch of around two dozen nationalities, each showcasing individuality, itself is the foundation brick for GLOCALIZATION.

Excited for this new journey with mobility periods in two of the best cities in the world, (I still need to do some more research on Gottingen), I find myself privileged to be a part of the GLOCAL family and I am looking forward to unlimited experiences during this two-year fun-filled (grinding?) programme. Jokes apart, I am sure this programme will prepare me for greater challenges and will bring forth further opportunities of networking and professional growth.

I am an avid reader, writer, photographer, traveler and wanderer. I have always loved to play some role in social welfare and have been a part of organizations like Teach For Pakistan, Earthwatch, 7 Cups of Tea, and others. I am looking forward to seeing how this programme directs and shapes my mind at the end of these two years to start a new career and play a role in making this world a better place to live for all of us.

Will be back with more details and insights once I have been through this happening journey, so that for you, we could build this programme even richer and better with every coming year. Stay tuned. Till then, adios!

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  1. Nice, have the same degree major, with interest in international business, immigrant entrepreneurship, reversed innovation, new venture creation and emerging economy… Hope to be part of glocal 2018….

    Best regards

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