Introducing: Milan

Milan Kovačević

Age: 29

City: Novi Sad

Country: Serbia

What’s your background?
In short: writer, economist, and everything in-between. So far, I worked as a communal inspector, freelance copywriter, social media manager and administrative specialist. Also, I published a novel that won a literary prize, as well as a dozen short stories.

What is GLOCAL?
GLOCAL = a full arsenal of disciplines, set to investigate the world in its full complexity and diversity.

Why GLOCAL? What are your expectations for this program?

I see this programme as a unique opportunity to merge my background in economics with the interest in humanities that I’ve always had. Furthermore, I believe the Erasmus quest will enrich me immeasurably in terms of gaining invaluable social and life experience.

What after?

Earn a PhD and pursue a career in the academia. Alternatively, find a job within the creative industries.

What are your personal interests/hobbies? 

Fine literature, (pub) quizzes, football, volleyball, skiing.

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