Introducing: Louise

(25) from Zürich, Switzerland

My Background:

I studied History, Philosophy, and Slavonic Linguistics and I have a half-baked Master’s degree in ‘World Society and Global Governance’. I was given many possibilities to learn new languages and music instruments, get to know new cultures, organise events and academic excursions, interact with society and advocate for student groups.

What the * is GLOCAL?

The composite word GLOCAL stands for a composite interdisciplinary course of study that is still in the process of composition.

Why GLOCAL / What were my expectations?

GLOCAL is distinguished by diversity and new perspectives. It gives me an insight into hitherto unknown fields and helps me understand the complicated interrelationships in the world. GLOCAL gives us students the chance to exchange, deepen, and expand our knowledge. It is a wonderful and enhancing experience on the academic as well as on the cultural level.

What after?

As every Glocessional I want to rule the world.

What are your personal interests?

I care about social justice, tolerance, and the environment. I like traveling, climbing, dancing, and Prosecco. I am allergic to cream, smartypants, and people who decide not to use their own brains.

One comment

  1. Dear Louise,

    I am a business graduate from Bangladesh and currently looking forward to applying for GLOCAL for the 2022 session. I am highly enthusiastic about this programme and willing to know what qualifications I need to include in my CV and SOP which will make me a competent applicant for this programme. I would be earnestly thankful to you for your valuable guidance.
    Thanks for your time and help!

    Syma Islam
    University Of Chittagong,


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