Introducing: Shima

Hello, this is Indonesia calling! Shima Trisna here, serving Javanese realness and plenty of tropical sunshine. My happy place is Bali and I’m besotted with Scandinavian culture. I love to travel and study foreign languages. Je parle Français (I speak French) at an intermediate level and jag lär mig Svenska (I learn Swedish) with the help of Swedish TV show like Melodifestivalen. I have a double degree in Economics and Law, and would love to pursue a career in creative industry. Three things led me to choose the GLOCAL program : the challenging coursework, the opportunity to study in different countries, and the education that will give me a solid foundation for my future career.  My love for European things is best illustrated by my absolutely crazy obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest. I follow it religiously every year, despite coming from a country that all but ignores the contest. And if anyone dares to bad mouth Loreen or Zeljko Joksimovic to me, they will face a piece of good ole fashion viking wrath. I am currently moulding my GLOCAL friends into the cray-cray world of Eurovision and it’s going pretty well so far.

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