Introducing: Shreya

Hi guys! This is Shreya from Bangladesh and I am super excited to be a part of this GLOCAL programme and be able to meet all the cool people participating in this. To provide some background about myself: I am a 22 year old Business Economics graduate from the City University of Hong Kong. Before applying to this programme, I was working in a social enterprise in Hong Kong called ANA by KARMA, which helped Bhutanese weavers to market their handmade scarves in Hong Kong and some other selected countries, in the position of Project Executive. After working there for six months, I did an internship in SAARC Development Fund in Bhutan, which is a South Asian regional funding organization, financing different development projects in the South Asian region.

Both organizations dealt with creative industries to some extent, which piqued my interest in this sector and now here I am in GLOCAL! I expect to learn a bit more about creative industries and mechanisms of the global economy from this programme and in the future, gain some experience in development/ international organizations and hopefully be up to building my own business.

My hobbies include watching a lot of movies and TV shows and keeping up with the celebrities; my more substantial interest includes travelling and exploring conventional and unconventional places (ranging from, but not limited to, a graffiti filled artsy alley in Glasgow, to a world heritage site) and immersing myself within the culture during the course of travel.

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  1. Congratulations Shreya for your achievement. This is Kazi from Bangladesh. I am enthused to be a part of GLOCAL programme in 2019-21. I will apply under Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree. I have read your story and I feel really excited for your academic backgrounds and the engagement in the development sector. I am currently working as a lecturer in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh after completing Masters in International Business. I need some thoughts for the application process and other issues.

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